Gordale - November 2018 

 Gordale.jpgGordale is a large Garden Centre in the Wirral whose management asked us to help in the launch of their Christmas season.  We were set up in a mezzanine floor overlooking the shoppers, which gave us the feel of being in a minstrel gallery.  Although many of us felt that it was a bit too early to be playing Christmas Carols it was pleasant to be inside feeling warm rather than, as is more normal, freezing outside.

You can learn more about Gordale by clicking on the image on the left.

The photographer Cyd Hindle  was on hand and we have him to thank for the excellent pictures below.  You can learn more about him by clicking on his name above.


Chatting befere we start

Band in Position

Band in Position

All set up and ready to go

Quieter Please

Quieter Please

Please please -Softer and more lyrical

Horns and Flugel


Euph and Baris







An Short Break

An Short Break

A break in playing give an opportunity for a photoshoot.