Concerts Etc.

Under this page you will find pages with, pictures, videos and audio captured at the various events the band has taken part in.

The web site is in the process of being converted from its old format to a new more flexibile mobile phone, tablet etc friendly style.  This, alas, is not straightforward so these historical pages, going back to 2012, will be added over time.   So, if you are in the band and your favourite image of yourself is no longer present or you just want the pleasure of browsing through our past concerts to see how band members are aging, be patient they will all come back.  We will be starting with the most recent first and move back in time.

2019 Concerts

November - Gordale Christmas Charity Spectacular

The band playing for Gordale Garden Centre's Christmas Charity event.

June - Trinity Methodist Church

A joint concert with a band from Portsmouth

A Concert at the National Waterways Museum  Ellesmere Port.

A second joint concert with the Portsmouth band.

2015 Concerts

Band on a Tram

Features the band playing on top of a tram to help celebrate its restoration .